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Why Choose Braceline Orthodontics For Your Dental Care?

Even an average-sounding day offers adequate moments to smile. But look around. Look closely. You will find that even in situations when one can burst into laughter, something’s stopping. And in most cases, irregular teeth are the smile spoilers. In fact, research reveals that 3 out of 10 are dissatisfied with their looks owing to appearance of teeth.

Smile on the face adds to your confidence. And you will agree that a confident face rarely goes un-noticed. And now you have a strong reason to smile!

Braceline Orthodontics…India’s 1st Exclusive Chain of Braces Clinics.
Braceline is a one-of-its-kind chain of specialty orthodontic clinics catering to wide-ranging facio-dental ailments, right from overbites to occlusions to poorly aligned teeth and jaw; facial aesthetics and others.

Earlier, Orthodontic treatment was associated with children and teenagers. However, present-day orthodontic services help adults correct their longstanding dento-facial irregularities. Whether you are a shy teen or young turk at the office or young enough to live life to the fullest… Braceline has the aesthetic armoury to bring back that lost confidence.

Correcting the size, shape and alignment of teeth is no easy job! It requires more than just a pair of deft hands. In fact, it demands your dentist to be equipped with a certain set of specialized skills, knowledge and certifications. The ‘go to’ people for such specialised job are Orthodontists.

The fact of the matter is that a general dentist is neither trained nor authorized to handle orthodontic cases. Exactly why, a certified Orthodontic makes a world of difference.

Conceived, created and carefully steered by four orthodontists, Braceline is committed to the vision of architecting more confident smiles. Simply put, Braceline is all about letting you embrace the smile you deserve!


  • Chandanagar | Gachibowli
  • Himayatnagar | Karkhana
  • Kukatpally | Kurnool



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Smile, We’re Open…

  • All days open: 10 am – 8:00 pm